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26 July 2013

Summertime Summertime
Sum Sum Summertime

I am so glad I got to take a summer vacation with Franklin and Emily!

And I just love this photo with the Iwanski cousins:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Before we saw them we had a quick breakfast with Grandma Christine at the Windhill Pancake Parlor:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

And then we set out north on the way to Tom Doyle Lake.

Of course, had to have lunch on the way:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Beautiful spot for sure:
Tom Doyle Lake
Thanks again to the Iwanski's for inviting us up there!

Only real downside was that all the fun led to a rocky first night in the cabin, though we did finally find a sleeping arrangement that seemed to suit everyone:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

And then it was fun all around. Fun at the nearby grocery store:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Fun out on the boat with Dave and Amelia (and Braxton, sitting in front of us):
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Fun looking at books with Evan:
Franklin's Summer Vacation
Franklin's Summer Vacation
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Even a little fun trying to take that photo up top:
Franklin's Summer Vacation

Only real downside, as those of you following my Fitbit stats will know, is that vacations like this seem to slow me down a bit more than I might like:

Now, what do you think?

Was that caused by
A) Having a rental car?
B) It being far too hot out for someone from Seattle?
C) Just a general vacation mindset?
D) Or maybe all of the above?

In any case, sitting still and driving did have a couple of advantages, like the opportunity to capture a glimpse of Franklin's carseat chatter:

Back in Illinois, we did take a couple of short walks around the neighborhood:
At McCollum Lake with Mom & Grandma C

And back at the house, we tried to take a close look, ahem, at some of the many boxes of family papers and mementos:

Also had a nice visit with Aunt Dorothy:
With Aunt Dorothy

And an almost surprisingly pleasant trip back home:
Heading Home

It's good to be back, but I can't wait to see everyone again!
Happy summer, reader!

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  1. Love Franklin's chatter!!! Gma. C.