in a perfect world of yancies: Plum Fun

14 March 2012

Plum Fun

Thank goodness Emily took this photo so I could see Franklin's cute face while I was giving a final exam on campus:
Hi There

She even got some pretty good video footage:

So, we've been having a great time this week as we approach Franklin's one-month birthday (!!!).

Even found time to do some cooking. Made a delicious pork tenderloin in prune sauce.
Prunes and Pork and Mom and Franklin
So yummy!

Hard to take good pictures of food, so here's the photo that ran with the related story in the Times:

Oh, and speaking of food, Michael was kind enough to send this picture of Franklin and Bria at Assimba:
Bria and Franklin at Assimba

Okay, reader, we need to run. Two major events coming up: Franklin is meeting his Grandparents on his mom's side later today, and tomorrow he gets to start watching his first NCAA basketball tournament. And don't worry: he's picking Kansas to win it all :)

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  1. That little guy is just getting cuter by the day! Love, Grandma Christine