in a perfect world of yancies: In Transit

11 March 2012

In Transit

Love this wide awake photo Emily took the other day:
Wide Awake

And I love that our first major family outing was a resounding success. Took the bus and met some friends for dinner at Assimba Ethiopian Cuisine.
Waiting for Franklin's First Bus!
Franklin was great, the food was delicious, and it was so cool to be out with our friends and our amazing little guy!

Bonus Update, 18:00 12 March
Our friend Amir was kind enough to share a few photos he took at dinner:
Dad and Franklin at Assimba

Amir had a great caption for the next photo:
"Franklin's Big Appetite. Who Needs Injera?"
Franklin's Big Appetite. Who Needs Injera?

Speaking of taking the bus, our theme for Franklin's room (still in progress, but we figure he'll be in our room for a few more months...) is mass transit.

Started putting up some wall decals today:
Emily found these awesome transit decals made by decal farm.

All done!
Franklin's Awesome Wall


  1. Couldn't stop giggling when I saw the photo. Then couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear when I saw the decals. And I absolutely love the photo of Emily holding Franklin. Thanks for getting my Monday morning off to a great start!!! Love, Grandma Christine

  2. P.S. Come to think of it, that photo of Franklin sleeping cozily on your chest under the umbrella is pretty awesome, too! And there's that bus symbol... Gma C X :) X

  3. Those decals turned out great! Congrats on a successful night out as a fam. too. All of these firsts are fun :)

  4. Great idea, those decals. Everyone is looking so wonderful!!!

  5. Great pictures!!!! That kid is adorable and I love his outfit at the restaurant! Those decals turned out really awesome, too, eh?! Excellent work, Emily!

  6. Thanks everyone! It's all been pretty amazing... and I can't believe he'll already be one month old this Saturday!