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16 January 2012

Neighborhood Gladness

Snowy Sunday
Wonderful weekend up on Capitol Hill. Nothing like snow for making things peaceful and calm.

Started our weekend with a tour of the Group Health Cooperative Family Beginnings Birthing Center. (UPDATE: a few more photos here.)

Nice to know what to expect. Also nice to see that the rooms balance comfort (pullout bed for me; fridge; DVD player) with modern medicine. Cool to know that our son will be born in a room like this:
GHC Labor Room

And every room has a tub:
GHC Labor Tub
(Sorry about the red; definitely makes it dramatic, though, no?)

I'm also happy that Group Health emphasizes "family-centered" care. I like their focus on supporting our birth plan, and I really like that their policy is to do everything possible to make sure that our baby will spend his first hours cuddling and bonding with Emily and me. Can't wait to cuddle with the little guy!

Finally, I love the location! Here's a view from the postpartum floor:
View from GHC Postpartum Floor
Can you see our living room window? Click the image to see a version with our window labeled...

Sunday brought some beautiful weather. This fisheye photo shows how nice our block looks on a snowy afternoon.
16th and Thomas Snow Globe
Oh, and it also shows the GHC Birth Center (red brick building in the center of the frame), so that's cool :)

Great day for wandering around the neighborhood. And a great chance for photos, like the one up top.

Some streets were closed and taken over by sledders; many snowmen (and other snow creatures) were made. You can read all about it over on CHS.

Snowy Skyline
Finally, Happy MLK Day! Great opportunity to reflect on Martin Luther King, Jr.'s life and work. Looks like our local radio station is doing a show on his involvement in the struggle for the rights of the poor.

Hope you're staying warm, reader!


  1. Wow - you guys got way more snow up there then we did in Magnolia. It's so beautiful. The birthing center looks amazing. I can not wait to hold your little baby boy.

  2. Haha! Same here!

    That's interesting about the snow; I've been hearing that the Hill got more snow than a lot of places... just one more thing to love about living up here I guess :)

  3. Ah so beautiful.
    We may actually get some snow tonight and tomorrow.

  4. Ha, are you going to watch a DVD while EJ is being born? :p
    Can't wait to meet my nephew!!!!!

  5. It really is beautiful... Hope you enjoy the snow there if it does show up, dad!

    Merrica: maybe someday you'll learn more about the stages of labor, and it will make more sense :)
    But seriously, it's more likely that we'll use the free wifi to watch Hulu, now that you mention it :)

  6. Regarding the birthing center: my, how times have changed!

    Regarding the snowfall: what absolutely beautiful photos! And I hear you're in for another storm today... Take care!!!

    Love, Grandma Chris X :) X

  7. Storm actually came today (Wednesday). Emily is working from home, and I don't teach today, so we should be able to stay nice and warm!

    We do have a checkup for the baby, but luckily that's just across the street :)