in a perfect world of yancies: A Warmer Shower

23 January 2012

A Warmer Shower

Shower Scene
After nearly a week of wild and sometimes (if you'll forgive my language) icky weather, it was nice to be treated to a great baby shower by some of the great people we've met here in Seattle.

Our friends Wendy and Roman are awesome. Here's a photo:
Our Awesome Hosts
Wendy organized and hosted the party, and Roman, who is from the Czech Republic, made some awesome finger food sandwiches, called Chlebíčky, I believe. Whatever they're called, they were mighty tasty!

Hard to have fun and take a lot of pictures, but here's a nice crowd shot:
Baby Shower Crowd
Emily, Kim, Bria, and Mark
(Not pictured: Michael, Jen, Pete, Laura, John, Kascha, Alder, Will, Jamelia, and Jamie...)

I also didn't take very good notes during the baby trivia (the guests brought questions; Emily and I tried to answer... hope 50% is a passing grade!), but I do remember that fetuses have fingerprints by the end of the first trimester.

And the oldest woman to get pregnant was like 66 (!).

And Jermaine Jackson named his son Jermajesty :)

I did get a couple of shots after the fact, like this one of Wendy's cute centerpiece:
Notice the flowers in the giant baby bottle—I love it!

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  1. Awww... How sweet!

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