in a perfect world of yancies: The Most Perfect Number

09 June 2011

The Most Perfect Number

Wedding Ceremony
The most perfect number, of course, is ten—at least according to early Pythagoreans...

And so, on this anniversary, some photos from a perfect day:


Who knew scanning negatives worked so well? Amazing!

Hughes Family

Magen & Mimi Pool Side 2

Chris, Yancy, Merrica

Ray, Yancy, Rhonda

Chris, Yancy, Emily, Dorothy

There are a few more photos in the set on Flickr (and I've still got stacks of negatives staring at me), but I hope you'll enjoy seeing a few more favorites here:

Chris Lee, Yancy, Emily, Deron

Scott, Thelma, Dave, Larry, and Grandpa Larry

Chet, Chris Lee, Keisuke, Emily, Deron, Yancy, Geoff, Rodrigo

Merrica, Rodrigo, Yancy, Keisuke

Fran, Yancy, Emily, Dave

Groom and Bride


  1. Wow—what memories! And what a picture-perfect ceremony! Happy Anniversary! And here's wishing you many more to come!!!

    Love, Mom X :) X

  2. Wow, you guys have really been married that long?! And you still look so young. Congrats!

  3. Happy anniversary you crazy kids!

    Loving all the photos, keep em coming ;)

  4. Thanks everyone!

    I do enjoy surprising people with the news that it's our tenth, even at the cost of feeling a little old :)

    Definitely more photos on the way--scanning negatives is strangely addictive...

  5. makes me miss all those people in those photos! such a fun day! congrats and I love you!

  6. Thanks Merrica! Miss you & love you too!