in a perfect world of yancies: Down the Coast I: Fun in Perpetua, and More!

24 June 2011

Down the Coast I:
Fun in Perpetua, and More!

E & Y at Yaquina Bay
Amazing last few days! Perfect weather, good food, great hiking... beautiful.

Started out in a yurt at South Beach State Park, in Newport, Oregon.
in the Yurt
Like camping, but without putting up a tent (and it's heated)—not bad at all!


Next morning had maybe the best meal of the trip: breakfast at the Coffee House in Newport. Very good crab cakes benedict, and delicious fried oysters, from right there in Yaquina Bay.

Yaquina Bay
Boats in Yaquina Bay

Speaking of geographic features, here's a map of the spots on this first post:

View Down the Coast I in a larger map

As you can see, our next stop was the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area.

Did a great hike, and made a new friend:

Slug and Yancy

Hike ended at some tide pools, where some helpful rangers showed us some of the sea-life.
Sea Stars
They even encouraged us to touch—turns out sea anemone stingers are sticky, and fast!

Tide Pools

Cool shelter back on top of the Cape, built by CCC crews and still in pretty good shape:
West Shelter

view from Cape Perpetua

Nearby, a view of some sea lions:
Emily and Sea Lions

Stopped for lunch in Florence, where we saw one of the many cool art-deco-meets-Egyptian-ish bridges on Highway 101.
Siuslaw River Bridge
Designed by Conde McCullough.

Also did a quick walk through the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.
Yancy in Dunes

Interesting scenery, though I imagine that we'll always remember it for other reasons. Nothing major, but it was the site of the trip's only real mishap...

And then we hit California, and almost as soon as we crossed the border we were surrounded by opportunities to walk right up to trees like these:
Nice Reiterated Trunks
In Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park.

Absolutely amazing.
Emily in Redwoods
More to come!

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  1. Yes, it certainly is amazing! Glad the weather cooperated...

    Mom D.