in a perfect world of yancies: Down the Coast II: Damnation Never Looked So Good

27 June 2011

Down the Coast II:
Damnation Never Looked So Good

Great Tree
I mean, look at that tree! You can hardly even see Emily next to it! Amazing stuff.

This leg of the trip started out in Crescent City, which is somewhere in between a working fishing town and a tourist spot (sort of like Newport, actually... pretty cool...). That mix is nicely captured by the Curly Redwood Lodge: it clearly caters to tourists, but it's pretty handsomely low-key. And affordable!

And here's a nice looking salon:

Crescent City is also where you'll find the Crescent City Information Center, the main visitor center for Redwood National and State Parks. We stopped there on our way out of town, got some great advice from a ranger, and headed down to Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park looking for the Damnation Creek Trail.
Smiling in the Face of Damnation
Great hike. Best of the trip, I'd say. (Name's not bad either!)

Begins around 1,000 feet elevation, in redwoods like the one at the top of this post, and then makes its way through probably four different ecosystems, ending with tide pools on the beach. Highly recommended hike.

Here's a map, in case you're interested:

Another Hundred Feet Down, Another Ecosystem
Plus, if you get on the trail at 8am (so that you can be on the beach for low tide), you should basically have the place to yourself.

Yancy, Tree

That tree stands next to this bridge:

And right across the bridge, after walking in various forests for a couple of miles, we got to this view:

Trail behind us:
Sun on the Trail

Damnation Cove:
Damnation Cove

Yancy at Damnation Cove

After the hike (did I mention that it was great?), we continued down the coast:

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Made a brief stop in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park:
In Tall Trees

Our final destination was the Elk Cove Inn. It sounded like a great place when we were making our reservations, but when we hit the first bit of Highway 1 we started to doubt our planning:

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Twenty miles in about an hour! Sheesh! At least it's kind of pretty once you get back to the coast :)

And then we arrived, found out we got an upgrade, saw the beautiful view of Elk Cove, and were greeted by this great surprise in our room:
Great Surprise
So glad we made it down there! My only regret might be that we didn't stay another night!

Yancy at Sunset

After a nice sunset and a good night's sleep, we got to enjoy more beach and tide pool fun at Elk Cove.
On the Beach

Low Tide

Sea Star

Video panorama of the cove:

Can't see the Inn too well, but it's up on the hill behind Emily:
Emily Beneath the Elk Cove Inn
Hope to make it back there soon!

Okay, that seems like plenty for one post. Thanks for reading, and cheers!


  1. I swear I could smell the saltwater in that video!

    Sounds like one great trip, and I'm glad it went so well for you.

    Mom D.

  2. Thanks, Mom.
    And thanks again for the surprise at the Elk Cove Inn!

  3. looks like an awesome road trip!!

  4. It was a great trip!

    Hey, maybe once you're back in San Diego you can see some of that on your way up to visit us :)