in a perfect world of yancies: Jams and Bread

18 May 2011

Jams and Bread

As I mentioned, we checked out HONK! Fest West last weekend. Lots of fun music, even if it was accompanied by stilts, kilts, and jugglers...

Our favorite was definitely the Seahawks drum line:

Makes me think I might have to go to a football game one of these days!

Was such a nice day that I rode my bike there (!) with my friend Laura, and we met up with Emily, who'd just finished up at the Seattle Archives Preservation Roadshow.
Emily, Yancy, Laura
As Laura captioned this, "sunglasses needed!"

Back home, we've been losing our minds over the no-knead bread recipe that Mark Bittman wrote about a few years ago.
Incredibly easy, and incredibly tasty—nice crunchy crust too! And, as Jim Lahey says in the great video, it has "beautiful crumb structure."

You know what else is beautiful? Plato's Greek is truly beautiful. I've been fortunate to have found a few other faculty members at Seattle U. who'll read Plato in Greek with me lately.
Seattle U. Ancient Greek reading group
Lots of fun, and a nice chance to spend time with faculty from all over the University—Physics, History, Theology, Philosophy.

Right now we're reading the Euthyphro. Slow going for most of us, but rewarding. Want to take a look? The Perseus site will gives you access to a side-by-side Greek and English version. Good stuff.

All right reader, back to work. Cheers!


  1. ahahahaha. I love you and you are so geeky! Your Plato group could be a poster for the new Public Library campaign, "we geek Plato" hehehe.
    The drumline was cool, too (^_^)

  2. At first I had no idea what you were talking about, but then I spotted this story on your fb... Not bad.

    I am hoping that photo will help keep the faculty lounge for the faculty... But not the public! :)

  3. Another clever title!