in a perfect world of yancies: Looking Back, and Looking Way Back

14 May 2011

Looking Back, and Looking Way Back

Today, I'll address some unkept promises...
Yancy at Middle Falls

I told you we went to Wallace Falls State Park, but now let me show you:
E & Y at Middle Falls
These are the "middle falls"; we didn't make it to "upper," but it was a great hike, so I hope we'll be back soon!

Part of what made it cool was that it starts under some giant power lines, and then you turn and it's just solid nature. Like travelling backwards in time! Or something.
Wallace Falls State Park

We could actually hear them hum as we started the hike. Emily got the best shot, of course:

The other thing in that post was a screen grab of the Nike+ map. I really love that little program for my phone... Want to see it in action? Here's a link that'll show you our walk/run around the neighborhood the other day. So cool.

But those new shoes? We only ran about 1.5 miles that day, but four days later my calf muscles are still aching! Yow!

Still back a couple weeks, here's the best shot I've found so far from our friend's "Hollywood in '61" birthday party:
Y & E, circa '61

And my favorite tree photo from the tour we took that same weekend:
Great Tree
Boy, that was a busy weekend! Sheesh!

Okay, let's end even further back in time, with light that's millions of years old and a website millions of years in the making.
Seattle Times ran a story recently about a guy who quit his job, took almost 40,000 pictures of the sky, and ended up with a genuinely awe-inspiring website. Definitely worth a look:

Be sure to check out the Interactive 360° page.

Meanwhile, in the present, I'd better get moving if I'm going to make it to HONK! Fest West on time...

Happy weekend, reader!


  1. You guys looked great back in the 60s!

  2. That tree has great root structure!

  3. Thanks, Pravina! Fun decade to dress for, that's for sure :)

    Excellent observation, Emily. The folks at Holy Names really knew what they were doing.

  4. So many different manifestations of beauty!