in a perfect world of yancies: Rain, Forest

20 January 2011

Rain, Forest

Yancy and Waterfall 1
Fall, summer, and now winter: just one season to go and we'll have seen the Olympic Peninsula in all it's beautiful variety.

Amazing waterfalls around Lake Quinault this time of year:
Yancy and Waterfall 2
See me up on that bridge? Maybe try the larger version.

Rained pretty much all the time, even on Hurricane Ridge, way over on the other side of the park.

Still some pretty good snowshoeing, though:
Snowy Hurricane Ridge

And is this really the World's Largest Western Red Cedar?
Emily and Big Cedar
Definitely big, that's for sure.

May have seen better days...
Biggest Western Red Cedar
Still a nice little hike on the north side of Lake Quinault.
Lake Quinault stairs

Finally, here's one of those photos that could just never capture the thing itself, but makes for a nice reminder nevertheless:
Which reminds me: thanks for reading! Have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful hike

  2. Stunning!

    Mom D.

  3. Thanks for the comments!

    Definitely one of my very favorite places.