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06 January 2011

Mind and Other Matters

In anticipation of the CD that my new penpal is sending, I was looking at the Bows & Sparrows blog the other day, and I couldn't believe this photo, originally from the CB2 website:

Bound copies of a philosophy journal as book props? I've heard some interesting stuff about books as art objects recently, but this, I thought, breaks all the rules.

Anyway, more fun with the photo: look at those copies of Mind again (click the photo to see the larger version at Bows & Sparrows). Who bound those journals? Unless my eyes deceive, it was the library at my alma mater, Lake Forest College. Not bad; not bad at all.

So, I studied philosophy at LFC (though I'm not sure I ever cracked the pages of Mind while I was there...); here I am more recently, on the way to teach a few philosophy classes:

Bonus Christmas photo!

Glad to see that Gandalf likes the tree!

Hope 2011 is a blast so far, reader!


  1. hey! looks like you exchanged the sweater, or am I mistaken? looks good! (if I'm not mistaken, if I am, and that's not your Christmas present, then nevermind (^_~))

    and nice picture - go LFC

  2. Yes, it's the new sweater--good eye!

    And apparently the tax in Chicago is slightly higher than in Seattle, so when we exchanged it they gave us 14¢ back. So thanks again :)