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17 November 2010

Continuing Interests

So, in case you were wondering, I'm still vain. Here's a recent photo I had Emily check for me:
Nice New Shirt
Love this new shirt! Not sure I want to do this, but if you want a closer look, here's a link.

And I still love New York. Recent Op-Ed piece in the Times came awfully close to capturing a lot of it.

Here's a nice sample:

Today I drop my cleaning off with Joseph the tailor and we exchange Yiddishisms and reminiscences (his) of Jewish Russia. Two blocks south I lunch at a place whose Florentine owner disdains credit cards and prepares the best Tuscan food in New York. In a hurry, I can opt instead for a falafel from the Israelis on the next block; I might do even better with the sizzling lamb from the Arab at the corner.

Fifty yards away are my barbers: Giuseppe, Franco and Salvatore, all from Sicily — their “English” echoing Chico Marx. They have been in Greenwich Village forever but never really settled: how should they? They shout at one another all day in Sicilian dialect, drowning out their main source of entertainment and information: a 24-hour Italian-language radio station. On my way home, I enjoy a mille-feuille from a surly Breton pâtissier who has put his daughter through the London School of Economics, one exquisite éclair at a time.

All this within two square blocks of my apartment — and I am neglecting the Sikh newsstand, the Hungarian bakery and the Greek diner (actually Albanian but we pretend otherwise).

Let's go back soon!


  1. Very sharp appearance!

  2. Thanks!

    Now that we're in this winter storm weather, I see that I could have been more focused on sweaters...

    Anyway, favorite Twitter name for the storm? Definitely #snomg.