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01 May 2010

Roundup Roundup

Emily's big conference, the Western Roundup 2010, finished up this afternoon, and it was a huge success.
Way to go!
As I said the other day, Way to go, Emily!

Not a lot of photos, but I did get a few shots at the Seattle Area Archivists' 25th Anniversary celebration, held in the Presidential Suite at the conference hotel.

Good view out the window:
View from Presidential Suite

For more details on the conference itself, you can check out Emily's Twitter feed, or just take a look at all of the conference-specific #wrup10 tweets. Sounds like a lot of interesting sessions!

There are a few more photos in the set I uploaded to Flickr, and maybe Emily will add some more, or some narrative? In the meantime, let me just congratulate Emily one more time for doing such a great job!

In that spirit, here's Loretta, crowning Emily with some balloons at the end of the evening:
Loretta Crowns Emily

Bonus material: I read this piece on a new solar observatory satellite thing the other day. So cool! And this video from NASA? Awesome:


  1. Very impressive! And I hope Emily enjoyed her well-deserved rest.

    By the way, how long ago did you change your heading and I just noticed?

    Aw... the word verification is "blesses"—how cool is that?!

  2. I think I changed the heading when I put up this last post... I hope the Greek shows up okay!

    Thanks for the comments!