in a perfect world of yancies: Nice Afternoon, Nice Bowl, Nice Curtain

19 May 2010

Nice Afternoon, Nice Bowl, Nice Curtain

Weather was so beautiful last Thursday I basically had no choice, and had to take my class outside:
Class outside
Was surprisingly productive, given the circumstances.

Perfect time of year to have salad for dinner (even if those tomatoes have to be store bought--I mean, it's only May after all).
Thanks to Merrica for the great bowl and utensils!

What else? Ah, we got a nice new shower curtain:

Now, normally that wouldn't be newsworthy, but a) I learned about it on a cute blog about design and such called bows & sparrows, and b) it's recyclable and not vinyl--no horrible smell when you open it! Very cute (or, as cute as a textured white curtain can be...).

Bonus coverage: Fran and Dave have chickens!


  1. Looks like there were other classes being held outdoors.

    The chicks are so cute! They remind me of Merrica's Kenya experience.

  2. Well, it was pretty irresistibly nice out...

    Good point about Merrica--maybe she can help if they decide to grow their operation :)