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06 May 2010

More Movies, and More!

Well, it's May, but I'm going to give this movies of '10 thing another try...

Starting with a film from 1951: Ace in the Hole.

We rented it recently because we heard that the Film Forum was featuring it in a series of newspaper films. Newspapers and films? What's not to love?

So the film, starring Kirk Douglas as a desperate reporter making questionable immoral decisions:

As Emily said the other day, very dark. Definitely compelling, though. And some great lines, as Emily, again, mentioned: when the wife of the miner trapped underground is asked to attend a special service for him, she replies by saying "I don't go to church; kneeling bags my nylons."


1951 too recent for you? Kirk Douglas too talky? How about 1927's Metropolis? It's now complete, for the first time since, well, 1927. Something like half an hour of missing footage has finally been found. Huzzah!

They won't let me post it here, but you can watch the trailer online if you'd like.

The only real disappointing thing going on here is that according to the current schedule it's not playing anywhere in Illinois or Washington. Missouri, though... Why The Face?

Speaking of films I'd like to see, here's another trailer that seems promising:

Oh, and in food news, we made some delicious lamb rib chops with beans and guajillo chili sauce.
Lamb Chops With Guajillo Chili Sauce and Charro Beans

Ours doesn't look exactly like the photo in the Times, but it sure was tasty!


  1. Wow, I can't believe how sharp the the "new" Metropolis looks. Thanks for the link. Kirk Douglas is mostly ridiculous, but if you haven't seen him in Kubrick's Paths of Glory, it's worth a look.

  2. But did you notice the recovered scenes (guy w/newspaper, e.g.)? They look awful compared to the rest. I guess the only (known) surviving copy is a 16mm transfer made from a dirty original 32mm reel... sad. At least they found it, though!

    You know, I haven't seen Paths of Glory. Not sure why. Will add to queue... now. Ooh--it's available online from Netflix. Sweet. Thanks for mentioning it!