in a perfect world of yancies: I'm in a Book!

23 May 2010

I'm in a Book!

It's not much--not even a whole sentence--but the new commentary on Aeschylus' Persians (published by Oxford!) mentions me!

Take a look at lines 8-10 of p.133!


Want your own copy? Me too. Alas, the book is listed at $150...

Anyway, sorry for the self-promotion, but just to clarify: I'm mentioned in this book! :)


  1. Be still my beating heart!

    Can you display the cover? I was able to get to it, but couldn't figure out how to enlarge the page in order to see all of it.


    Today's word verification is "poprizen." My buttons are poppin' and my pride is risin'.

  2. nicely done y. hughes dominick!

  3. Thanks you two!

    Does this link take you to the cover? If not, let me know & I can try to embed it here...

  4. that is *awesome* !!! love the "vanity" tag (^_^)

  5. Whew, at first I thought it said, "against simplistic views such as Y. Hughes Dominick..."

    Congrats amigo!

  6. Haha! Emily and I both had exactly the same reaction, Vinny!

    I'm pretty sure I'd still have posted it, but (thankfully) I guess we'll never know...