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17 April 2009

Then and Now

I love this photo of Emily and Magen. (Click to enlarge.)

As you may or may not know, Emily's parents are gradually making the move to Green County, Indiana. So we've been getting some shipments of Emily's things as they're working through their house. Most recent included the above--and more, which I'm eagerly waiting to see!

And what is she up to lately? Well, she was involved with an exhibit that just opened at the Washington State Historical Society called Nurses at Your Service: A Century of Caring.

Involved? Well, she signed the release for some of the Mother Joseph artifacts. Mother Joseph (in addition to many other things) helped establish St. Joseph Hospital (in 1858, in Vancouver, WA), the first permanent hospital in Washington--in the Northwest, for that matter.

Mother Joseph also made wax figures:


So we attended the opening. The museum is really worth seeing (even with a bad back!), and it was fun to finally see Tacoma.

The opening also featured some students dressed in old-timey nursing uniforms:

Well, that's all for today. Reading group, KEXP party, more books to review...

Happy weekend, reader!

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  1. What a charming photo of Emily and Magen!

    And what an impressive article about Mother Joseph!