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27 August 2008

Big Sky Speech

Now I was pretty impressed with Sen. Clinton's speech last night--there were some great lines, like "no way, no how, no McCain"; and that bit about how fitting it is that Bush and McCain are meeting next week in the Twin Cities.

Here's hoping people take her advice . . .

But aside from that, did you see Brian Schweitzer's speech? I'm not sure about the bolo tie thing, though I suppose I get it . . . anyhow, My oh my was the gentleman enthused. Fun to watch. And fun to agree with. (Well, except maybe that clean coal stuff. Whatever.) Please enjoy.

[Update 18:14 27 August]
How about this neat trick--want to watch the convention live? Feel free, courtesy of msnbc:

[Update 08:48 29 August]
That video should now be locked on Obama's speech--don't want to let just anything from msnbc on here, right?


  1. It's nice to have a good Obama supporter in the midst. I have to use you & your blogs to ward off the Republican vibe around here.

    Schweitzer wears jeans & bolo ties to work (and I believe he brings his dogs to the office too)and some people criticize him for that. I think it's great!! It's friggin Montana people! We're casual. We love it.


  2. P.S. you've had that picture up forever...what is that anyway? A cupcake? With adorable little sprinkles?

    M (again)

  3. Jeans too?! I love it. It seems very Montana (right up on the border of too Montana, but not quite across it, I'd say).

    Glad to share the Obama enthusiasm--sorry to hear about that Republican vibe, but as long as we stick together I'm sure it'll be okay (right?).

    A cupcake indeed; in Texas . . . that trip was a while ago, I guess. I'll fish around for a new profile pic this weekend.

    Speaking of Obama and such, Georgia Rep. John Lewis was interviewed on the radio this morning. Wow. He spoke in DC 45 years ago--in fact, of the 10 people who spoke alongside Martin Luther King Jr. that day, Lewis is the lone survivor. To hear him talk about what it will mean to see Obama accept the nomination is just incredible.

    I really think you ought to give it a listen, reader.

  4. Thanks for posting Schweitzer's speech—it was great!