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20 August 2008

Hi Mom!

Had the pleasure of showing my mom around town last weekend. I think we were all pretty tired after all the sight-seeing, but I had fun, and I hope everyone else did too!

Mom and Emily at Pike Place

The weather's been great--a little hot, maybe, but look how clear the sky was when we went to get my mom from the airport.

Mom enjoying some views from the SU campus

By the fountain in the quad

Who's that well-dressed fellow standing between the library and the engineering building?

In the Chapel of St Ignatius (hope it's okay to photograph that . . .)

Enjoying a croque monsieur at Café Presse

by the P-Patch garden in our neighborhood. Maybe this photo will help me remember to sign up for a plot next year

We also visited Emily at work:

Yancy and Emily in one of the gardens maintained by the sisters who live at St Joseph Residence, the building that also houses the Providence Archives

Waiting for the water taxi in West Seattle

The next day, we had a great (if large) breakfast at Coastal Kitchen and then walked up to Volunteer Park.

Yancy and Emily in the park

We happened to be there during Susan Robb's exhibition of her piece Warmth, Giant Black Toobs

I don't know a whole lot about the piece, but I know I like it. For a bit more on it, try this post on

Later that day, we took a walk through Pike Place (see top) and then took a look at the Olympic Sculpture Park

On Saturday, we drove up to Snoqualmie Falls

Also enjoyed a fun brunch at the Salish Lodge--great idea, Emily!

Hike down to the base was pretty, even if the view at the bottom was, well, maybe not worth the work . . .

Took a short detour on the way home to taste some wine in Woodinville. Emily and I recommend the 2002 Red Willow Syrah from the Columbia Winery (note: that link is to a pdf)

Took a quick walk through the UW campus

And of course had to see that troll up in Fremont

Ended the day at the Hiram M. Chittenden Locks up in Ballard. There's even a fish ladder there! How do you find the fish ladder? Follow cute signs that look like this:

Emily watching the fish use the ladder

Please come again soon!


  1. I miss the troll!! I used to work just down the hill from there.


  2. Okay, I've added that to my growing list of Reasons Why Marisa, Ryan, and Maraya Should Come Visit Us!

  3. Wow—we did all that in three days??? Whew!!!

    Thanks for putting me up and for putting up with me. And thanks for sharing so much of your precious personal time to show me such a good time.