in a perfect world of yancies: How Walkable Are You, Reader?

05 March 2008

How Walkable Are You, Reader?

Have you seen It's pretty cool, even if it is a tool for real estate agents. Assigns a walkability score for (almost) any address.

Want to guess ours?
Want to find out for yourself? Not sure I want to put my address up here, but there's a grocery store nearby (in walking distance, wink-wink), and it's address is 417 Broadway East, Seattle, 98102.

What else?
We had some drinks at a (slightly cheesy, mainly because of the band playing all those rock and roll covers, but not bad overall) bar downtown after KU's awesome win over K-State the other night.

My phone has no flash, so Jamie held up that candle. Not really sure why Melanie's hand is on Ryan's head like that. . . .

The next day we took a walk in the park. . . .

And we saw some ducks.

And a fish.

Cheers. Hope you're well. Me? Home sick, alas. The only upside, I guess, is that although I don't feel well enough to teach, I seem okay with blogging--at least so far.

Feel free to write lots of comments, oh you many quiet readers, and share your walkability score. Or your health status. Or . . .


  1. 60/100
    JayHawk nation Springfield, IL

  2. Hope you'll be feeling better soon!

    Is anyone surprised that my home walkscore is 31?! Oh, well—at least it's 75 at work ...

    So, exactly how many parks are there in your neighborhood???


  3. I dare anyone to beat my score: 0 of 100

    Yancy, does that surprise you at all? :o)


  4. 0? That's awesome. I should post some photos of your house, though, so people can see what you get in return . . .

    75 at work is really good--beats most Lawrence, KS scores (of course we checked those); and although 31 is bad, I've seen worse numbers for other suburban relatives of ours . . .

    Finally: you mean there's somewhere to walk to in Springfield, IL? I have been seriously misled. (Haha.)

    Thanks for sharing those #'s--and feel free to add more. I think that our 94 is really just a reflection of the fact that we live in a city (or is Seattle not quite big enough to be a city? Whatever.) On the other hand, I think parts of Helena, MT, are pretty walkable (though there's that issue of where you're walking to again . . .).

    I'll continue to mend, in the meanwhile. And don't worry: if things get worse, there's a pharmacy in walking distance.

  5. Don't forget to pick up some shampoo.


  6. Oh, and I know of at least one person in Helena whose score ties with yours ...


  7. I love that picture! It makes me laugh everytime I look at it.