in a perfect world of yancies: Fare Thee Well

07 March 2008

Fare Thee Well

Sunday is the last episode of The Wire.

The Pogues, "The Body of An American"
[10:24pm: okay, hopefully this time the song will play. Cheers.]

Is it the best thing that's ever been on television? Some people think so (some politicians too).

I guess I haven't seen enough tv to say, but I don't think I've seen anything better. (Even if this last season hit a couple of wrong notes.) Hell of a show.


  1. Oh fine: some local, Pacific Northwest love for The Wire, courtesy of The Stranger.

  2. Another eulogy in today's Times.

    Nice lede, by Alessandra Stanley:
    "After all these years, all those dead bodies and so many criminal contortions of the law, the wiretap in “The Wire” didn’t bring the bad guys to justice.


  3. I disagree, the best show on TV is Pros v. Joes.