in a perfect world of yancies: Goats, Pumpkins, and . . . Résumés?

28 February 2008

Goats, Pumpkins, and . . . Résumés?

Had the pleasure of seeing the Mountain Goats do a packed, sold-out show at Neumos last weekend. Good stuff.

Here's their second-encore (!), show-closing song:

(I guess from now on I'll try putting song files into posts, instead of over on the side. How does that sound? Okay.)

Great interview with singer John Darnielle in the Stranger ("Seattle's Only Newspaper") last week.

Here's a small sample:
I stopped going to church years ago and hardly ever go these days, and I won't take Communion when I do, because those are the rules. I'm as likely to pray the Hare Krishna mahamantra as I am the rosary. But I do pray, as devoutly as I can, even though I suspect we're just animals crawling on the surface of a godless earth. I do it because it gives me comfort and peace, even if that's illusory, and because I think that a prayerful mood is a powerful thing in the world and can be a real force for good.

Mr Darnielle.

On the funnier side of things, Chris and Ben (of Sandy Takes a Break) have a new video. Enjoy:

Feel free to check out their hot new site, too:

Finally, can I just say that I love Michelle Slatalla's Cyberfamilias columns in the Times? She's just great. Please check out this week's column.

Oh, and speaking of the Times, how cool is it that in a story on the ten best new restaurants in the country, one of them is in Seattle? We've never been to Tilth (and I'm sure it'll now be impossible to get a table there), but pretty cool, no?

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