in a perfect world of yancies: Nice Call, Merrica

14 February 2008

Nice Call, Merrica

Yes, my phone is cool.
For lack of a better presentation idea, I offer this David Pogue video from last summer:

On a sadder note,
Mimi seems to be having second thoughts on her BlackBerry . . . but rest assured, when she settles on a model, you'll hear all about it.

As cmd mentioned, Suzuki, from Akita, author of the blog that mentioned our monopoly game, left a comment recently.

Mr. Yancy

Thank you for the post.

My name is Suzuki. I live in Akita Prefecture in Japan. I conceived Akita Monopoly.

My mother has been to Seattle about 30 years ago.
I want to go to Seattle so that I may also watch Ichiro's game.

It has the Akita Monopoly from Akita in the souvenir :)

First off, I think it is super cool that the person who conceived the game was able to hear that we played it (and enjoyed it immensely!--in case that wasn't clear). Second, I'm not entirely sure about that last comment, but (thirdly) I too hope to see Ichiro play once baseball season gets going here.

Thanks again, all, for reading.


  1. Totally off-topic, but my review is being used as a blurb on the Oxford University Press website!

  2. How exciting for you!

    Does the review blurb merit its own blog entry?