in a perfect world of yancies: My Favorite Conscientious Liberal: Live!

02 November 2007

My Favorite Conscientious Liberal: Live!

Well, last night was pretty damn cool. Emily took me to Town Hall, in downtown Seattle, to hear Paul Krugman, professor of economics at Princeton and my favorite, favorite Op-ed writer for the Times.

He even signed some books

Was the speech upsetting? Well, how would you like finding out that under Eisenhower the wealthiest were taxed at a rate of 91%, whereas now it's like 30? Eisenhower!

He did, however, end in a very optimistic mood because of the current political climate, which actually (and I think I might even agree on this) looks hopeful for the first time in a long, long while . . .

Paul Krugman speaking. It was great; and I finally have confirmation that it is indeed pronounced "Kroogman" . . .

The signed copy. He thought the name "Merrica" was unusual, but then said something like "it's a nice name; I'm surprised we don't do that more often" (!)

Thanks, Mimi!

Also, thanks to Keisuke, who recently sent some of his photos from Texas. Enjoy.


  1. Way cool—all the way around!!!


  2. You are the best brother and sister-in-law ever!!!!!!!!!!!