in a perfect world of yancies: Fall Colors

08 November 2007

Fall Colors

Thought I'd take a moment to celebrate some of the colors we're enjoying this season.

First, isn't this a lovely wreath? (Yes, those are chili peppers; yes, they're pretty damn spicy. The kitchen, though, smells wonderful these days . . .)

Next, hard as it may be to believe, is football. Kansas football is having its best year since 1908. 1908! They're currently ranked in the top five in every poll. They're even in National Championship conversations! ??!!??

Might as well enjoy it, right? Here's a photo taken at the Spitfire, the bar recommended by the Seattle chapter of the KU alumni association. In the picture: Colleen, Yancy, Dana, Emily, Jamie (or is it James now?).

Colleen and Dana also heard about the place through the alumni association--Colleen is a KU grad, and Dana is from Nebraska, so they came to watch the KU-Nebraska game. After the score got out of hand, Dana decided she should be photographed surrounded by victorious KU fans.

Out of hand? Yes. It was only the second time in 39 years that Kansas beat Nebraska, but they tried to make up for some of that disparity: the final score was KU 76, NU 39.

Jamie, by the way, is a friend from Lawrence who recently moved out here to do sports on TV for the local ABC affiliate, KOMO-TV. Been great for us having someone else to wear the blue with. And he's lived here a little longer than us, so has great restaurant advice. Took us to a great sushi place, in fact, called Umi Sake House, where they even had Merrica's favorite, sesame ice cream. Mmm.

Finally, I'm sure you're dying to know what Braxton wore for Halloween:

Great costume, no? Read more about Duff Beer on Wikipedia.


  1. What fun!!!


  2. That's the same Jaimie as my doppleganger?

    I didn't realize he moved up there. Give him my best and get him to post on our blog dadgumit!

  3. Indeed it is the same Jamie--the doppelganger issue was one of the first things we talked about when we saw him . . .

    I sent him a link to the Jayhawk blog (how's that little plug?), and we're supposed to watch at least one game with him this weekend, so I'll do some more encouraging.