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16 September 2007

What I Like About Here

A busy week, but a great one. A surprisingly interesting and helpful orientation for me; a nice introduction to the archive and some of the Sisters of Providence for Emily. And on Thursday I even had a day off, so I was able to see where Emily's been working.

Taken along the bay in West Seattle

Emily at her desk at Providence

In the Providence archive

Not a bad view from the parking lot at the Providence Archives

Aboard the water-taxi/ferry from West Seattle to downtown (don't worry our free (Mimi) / subsidized (Yancy) bus passes covered the fare!)

Friday I had more orientation, including info on the rec-center (you can rent a tent; even snow shoes!) and the efforts to have a green campus. The entire campus is pesticide free, and a designated wildlife refuge; they have waterless urinals, and they make their own compost.

The school even generates solar electricity--who couldn't love that?

Women's soccer. It rained, but luckily the stands are mostly covered. And SU beat Western Oregon 1-0. Go Redhawks!

Oh my, aren't these heirloom tomatoes beautiful? We bought some at the Broadway farmers market, just one block from our apartment (!).

Speaking of our neighborhood, remember that photo of Dave at that roundabout? Here's a line from a recent New York Times story about the health and safety benefits of walking: "Seattle has reported a 77 percent to 91 percent reduction in traffic accidents after installing a citywide traffic-calming program that included 700 new residential traffic circles."

We've also found some excellent restaurants in our neighborhood, but I need to get to bed, so I'll end with a bit more from the farmers market. Cheers

Mimi with our new dining table (we carried it a mile; on our heads! (in a box, thank goodness)) and some flowers from the farmers market



  1. Emily's office looks very cool. So do the views, your campus, neighborhood, apartment, etc.

    Sounds like you made the right choice!


  2. Plus, the guy selling flowers was able to give us sunflowers (yeah, I guess even here I still miss Kansas--but I think you're right, Mom, Seattle seems about right).

  3. PS, hope you like the PB&J song playing. We're seeing them this week!

    Yeah, I guess Seattle will do.

  4. Wow! Sounds and looks like some great places for both of you to work and live! You both did good, nah, GREAT!