in a perfect world of yancies: Congratulations, Mike! Nice Shirt, Eric! And thanks, Mom and Cut Chemist

30 September 2007

Congratulations, Mike! Nice Shirt, Eric! And thanks, Mom and Cut Chemist

So, Mike and his wife Lisa have a new baby daughter! Congrats!

Tatum Morgan Campbell

Lisa with little Tatum (as her aunt put it, "What a precious little Tater tot")


And please enjoy another happy event:

Handsome man, handsome shirt

Also, I recently obtained a cd full of photos from my Mom, so here's a sample:

Merrica in Tokyo (I think)

Believe it or not, these are the flowers that grew from the seeds we gave out as favors at our wedding, growing at my Mom's house

Believe it or not, this is me grilling some chicken and trying (and failing, note) to look like a hipster with rolled-up jeans (I think that date is wrong, don't you?)

Brunch at the Warsaw Inn with family:
Bob, Helen, Merrica, Mimi, Yancy, Ron, Mom, Dorothy

Ready to roll out of Rock Island (that stack on the left? yeah, it fell; yeah, some stuff landed on my face when I opened the truck; it's all good)

Finally, we got to see the Cut Chemist for free at this bar called Nectar, in the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle.

Yancy and Lenin
Yes, they brought a statue of Lenin over from Eastern Europe and put it on the street in Fremont. Yes, I do think that's super cool.

Yancy and Lenin, profile

Mimi with troll

We also found a great restaurant in Fremont, called Qazis Curry House. I can't find a website for them, but the food rivaled that of the India Palace in Lawrence, which (believe it or not) is really saying something.

Finally, he took the stage. Here's a crappy photo:

Incredible set; I've never seen such turn-table wizardry before. It was 3am before we got home, but it was a great evening.

Curious about his work? A funny video:


  1. Congratulations Mike and Lisa! God bless all three of you!

    Yes, that's Merrica at the entrance to the Sensoji Buddhist Temple in the Asakusa District.

    So glad you're enjoying your new hometown!


  2. Okay—when did you change your quote and I just noticed?


  3. Thanks for the comments.

    I actually just changed it a few days ago--you may have caught it the first time, in fact. . . .