in a perfect world of yancies: Seattle!

07 July 2007


Well dear reader, looks like we're moving to Seattle. !

Mimi hasn't had her second interview yet, but we feel good about her chances of getting the job out there. And either way, it sounds like a fun town. Watch here for more news.

I meanwhile have accepted a job at Seattle University. It's not a dream job, but it is a job teaching philosophy in Seattle, so that's excellent.

The school, you ask? I've heard good things, but I don't really know a whole lot yet. One thing I do know: the chapel is very cool looking. I've never been a huge chapel fan, but I trust you'll agree that it's a surprisingly handsome building:

Anyway, more news as it develops. Hope you're enjoying your summer, reader.


  1. I swear I did not even realize until after publishing this post that the chapel I like so much was designed by the same Steven Holl who designed that expansion of the Nelson-Atkins in Kansas City that I so recently praised.

    That's got to be a good sign, no?

  2. Congratulations, Yancy! and
    Good Luck, Emily!

    I can't wait to get a tour of the campus. The chapel building is a real architectural gem. I love the play of light and color.

    Mom Dominick

  3. Talked to an acquaintance of mine here who's from the Emerald City, and he said Seattle U. was very strong in Philosophy and Classics.

    (He was more than a little tipsy at the time, but he seemed so sure...)