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03 July 2007

I Haven't Seen You Since . . .

We had the pleasure last weekend of dining with Shelley Calisto (née Goodrich) (pictured, on the left) and her parents, husband, and children (one of whom, Isaac, is also pictured); Heather Dominick (no relation, that we know of . . .) (right) and her parents, husband, and daughter (Elliott, pictured) also joined us.

A great chance for Emily to catch up with some friends from high school, and a great chance for me to meet people who were friends with Emily long before I'd met her.
Was nice to see, also, that almost everyone present is still running like all the time (myself, of course, excepted) (Emily and Shelley and Heather were on the Saint Charles High cross-country team together oh so many years ago).

Very cool. Hope we won't have to wait another like 6 years to see them again!

In other news, we helped (well, watched, carried a couple of boxes, and bought everyone burritos) the Iwanskis move down the road to Geneva. At least the weather was beautiful.

And we saw Sicko. I don't care what that idiot David Denby says in the New Yorker; it's an important, upsetting, inspiring, and most importantly hilarious movie. Please see it.

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  1. PS, if you're wondering: No, Emily and I don't have kids; yes, we're thinking about it, but it wouldn't be anytime soon (since we have no steady job--though hopefully that will change: watch here for updates!).