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05 October 2006

been a while, gentle reader

Sorry for my silence of late--busy life, that of a full-time professor (!).

To catch you up a bit:

Weekend before last, we had a great time visitng Dave and Diana up in Madison (don't know who they are? tough--they rock).

We had a great time--cool to be in a college town: stores with stuff we wanted, restaurants we liked, beer. And the farmers market was great too.
Thanks, Dave and Diana!

A shot of Dave, Diana, and Emily in front of a convention center designed by Frank Llyod Wright

Wondering what the drive is like? We drove along the Mississippi on the way home; here's how it looked (and please enjoy the new Cut Chemist album, faintly playing in the background (see also: Now Playing, on the right)):

And then last weekend, the Iwanskis came to visit.

We went to a (mildly disappointing) Oktoberfest, featuring fire engines, which Braxton seemed to like.

Later on we played some disc gold in Moline. Beautiful course; a bit of a hike, though. But fun, overall.

Back at the apartment, Braxton and Mimi

Yancy and Dave

Tomorrow (probably today by the time you see this, dear reader) we're off to Lawrence; it's KU's homecoming (coincidence, I swear), so it should be a real party there; and Old Man Lee promises to be in town, so it should be a blast. Maybe in three weeks I'll put up some photos.

One last thing: An article I wrote a while back on Herodotus (focused on his portrayal of the Persian queen Atossa, and involving comparisons with portrayals of her and other powerful women in Greek tragedy) was ACCEPTED for publication in the swanky Classical Quarterly. Yes, that link is for real: it's published by Cambridge. Damn. So that's pretty cool.

Cheers, good reader.


  1. Omigosh—congratulations—I'm so proud of you!!!

    (More later...)

  2. Congrats!!! (And I see you got a couch!) Nice work on both!

  3. I'm SO SO SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!
    love you

  4. Do Janet and Tom know? Roman? Do you know the publication date?

    Great pictures of friends and family! Braxton sure is growing.

  5. that was a good comment, mom. yance, do i get a copy?

    love you!!!

  6. Thanks, Mom, Merrica, and Carrie.

    I am pretty excited about that article, and I hope my excitement isn't more than a little obnoxious.

    Anyhow, they're still looking over a couple of minor changes, so I won't know the date & all that for a little while (how anti-climactic, no?). As soon as it prints, though, I'll get a bunch of copies . . .

    In the meantime, those with the time and interest are welcome to enjoy my paper on natural virtue in Aristotle, published in the last issue of the Southwest Philosophy Review: click here.
    Also of interest may be the one-page abstract of a paper I'm giving at the American Philological Association meeting in January--the abstract is online at the following address:

    Well, enough about me. That couch is great--thanks, Carrie, for noticing; comfortable for the TV business, great for napping; oh so much better than the floor. . . . You're invited, one and all, to enjoy that couch yourselves; just give me a call and we can make the necessary arrangements.