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17 September 2006


Here I am on the 1st day of classes
So far so good; I'm already behind on grading, but the students seem into it, and it's a lot of fun for me to back in the liberal arts college environment; has a real 'academic-community' feel going. The Quad-Cities as compared to Lawrence, you ask? Never mind.

Here's Emily's latest accomplishment, quite a feat of knitting:

Speaking of Mimi, she was offered a special made-to-order job at the Augustana library; they wanted to offer her something where she could use the skills she's developed as an archivist. So that's cool. (She accepted.)

What else? Ah, we finally have a couch! No more sitting on the floor for us:

Also, please enjoy the song now playing: Jesse helped us track down a copy of this album, "Radiodread"--reggae covers of Radiohead's album OK Computer. Hit and miss (what do you expect; mostly makes me remember just how great OK Computer is), but I really like this cover of Let Down. Let me know what you think, reader.


  1. Well, I'm not much of a Radiohead fan to begin with so I've never heard the original of "Let Down". However, this reggae version isn't half bad (^-^)
    I'm glad to hear that you're atleast liking the school if not the town...
    Emily's knitting looks awesome!

  2. Wow — a new couch, a new job, and a new purple hat. Way to go!

  3. Congrats on the job, EHD. I knew it wouldn't take long.

    Toots is actually a quite legit band, not a novelty like Dread Zeppelin.