in a perfect world of yancies: boo! (and, yes, a duck)

31 October 2006

(and, yes, a duck)

Perhaps a bit hard to tell from this photo, but see if you can't guess what this young man has chosen for his Halloween costume. Note the short tie, untucked shirt, chalk-dusted sleeves; note the Nalgene bottle and cell phone . . . got it?
Pretty funny, if you ask me.

What else is new . . . ah, we went to a restaurant in Davenport called Duck City.

How else would they present the wine list?

On a more serious note, next week's election seems awfully important. A chance, perhaps, to hold hearings and compel folks to answer for some of the ineptitude of the past six years; a chance, what's more (however slim), to restore the rule of law to our dare I say once great nation. If you too share these small hopes, please help! needs volunteers to make get-out-the-vote phone calls. Want to help? Click here to sign up.


  1. Great costume! I laughed so hard there were tears in my eyes.

    So, did you enjoy the restaurant? Tell us more about it.

  2. that is a kick ass costume (^-^) hope you were proud!