in a perfect world of yancies: Augustana College!

13 June 2006

Augustana College!

Okay, the other major thing what's happened to us lately—actually, it happened while we were in Montana—is that I was offered a one-year visiting professorship at Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. After talking it over for a few days, we accepted the offer.

I'm still uncertain on some details (that job title, for example; also when exactly we'll move there), but it's a great opportunity to work with some pretty good students and faculty, and I'm almost positive that I will work and teach primarily in the building pictured, Old Main.

For more pictures of the campus, which is quite nice looking, click here.

Should be fun; the Quad Cities seem pretty nice, and I recently emailed the chair of the Philosophy Department asking about how to structure some of my classes and what sort of readings to include; his response was "be free." As I said, should be fun.

Guess that's just about it.

Oh, one more thing:
Brazilian soccer (or should I say futebol?) is damn fun to watch. The Brazilian team's next World Cup game is Sunday the 18th; you ought to watch.


  1. Congratulations! A school with an excellent reputation and a beautiful campus, and freedom to teach your courses the way you see fit -- who could ask for more?! I hope you and Emily will be very happy in the Quad Cities, and I'm thrilled that you will be so much closer to 'home'.

  2. yeah! this is awesome news!!!! congratulations!!!!!