in a perfect world of yancies: a new house, just in time for the move

25 June 2006

a new house, just in time for the move

Mostly for my mom's benefit, here are some photos of the doll house that Emily's been working on for a while now (something in the neighborhood of 15 years, I believe)--as you can see, it's very nearly done.

When we first retrieved the house from Illinois, it was a real fixer-upper: no windows or doors, only half carpeted, and an exterior needing a lot of work.

Mimi's first step, last winter, was to get that roof shingled. Second step? Order a new set of instructions from the manufacturer, so that the third step might be known.


The interior after some refurbishing.

As the first photo (above) shows, the windows now have trim and the exterior (mostly) has siding. We expect to be able to, um, move in within the next month, if not sooner.
In any case, well done, Emily.

Not much else to report around here these days--tried to attend the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival in Kansas City (they're doing Henry V this year; not a bad play as those things go), but Saturday's show was rained out. Not to worry: we'll try again this week, and I've even written for consent to photograph the show, so you, reader, may be in for a real treat . . . (?).

For some odd reason (is it a last-name thing? or peer pressure?) Aaron Dopf has been cheering Germany on as they advanced to the quarter-finals of the World Cup (or Weltmeisterschaft, as Aaron would have you say). Meanwhile I enjoy applauding those sexy Brazilians. Whatever team you support, the official FIFA World Cup site has lots of glorious, and gloriously free, video, available here.

More to come.


  1. What a darling dollhouse! And what a great job you've done on it, Emily! Thanks, Yancy, for (finally!) sending the photos.

  2. I have always had a thing for dollhouses. There's just something about smaller versions of bigger things. I had a dollhouse when I was younger, it was a Victorian house with balsawood shingles. And even though I had all of the rooms planned out (including a mini sewing room) and all of the trimmings (a mini Singer), the house itself was never completed. I just didn't have the resources; my parents were too busy. So it was trashed by my father when I moved off to college.

    There is a miniatures store near our apartment in Chicago. Emily, you should come visit it!

  3. What is it about these dads when their kids go away to college?! Mine gave away my real-leather ice skates and my "genuine Schwinn" bike--two of my prized possessions. I still cringe just thinking about it...