in a perfect world of yancies: Aaron Roger Sandon

06 June 2006

Aaron Roger Sandon

My brother, Aaron Roger Sandon, died last week. He was 26. We will miss him very much.

A very nice piece about him ran in the Helena, MT, paper: read.

The song now playing is for him.

Here are some nice, though perhaps embarrassing, photos (thanks, Mom):

Merrica baking with Aaron

Marisa, Gina, myself (?), and Aaron


does this need explanation?

[added 11 June]

Gina, Marisa, Yancy, Aaron

the five of us

This was posted on my blog last summer; it's Misti and Aaron with their daughter Kayci

Thankfully, Emily and I were able to fly out to Montana to see everyone, as was Merrica.

US Highway 287, if you can believe it, which we took from Bozeman (where we flew into) to Helena

Merrica in front of Aaron and Misti's house, which was completed fall of 2005

Outside the Cathedral before the Mass

Mimi outside the Cathedral, with Mt Helena in the background

In the Cathedral in Helena

At Resurrection Cemetery

Aaron and Misti's son Rhys

Merrica under the lodge-pole pines at McDonald Pass

Ryan, taking a break from the disc-golf

Ryan and Merrica

Merrica and Yancy, folfing together for the first time

Ryan and Maraya

Maraya really liked being photographed, and she's awful cute. Here's a couple of videos:


The four of us: Gina, Merrica, Marisa, Yancy


  1. Oh no! That is so sad. I'm so sorry, Yancy. My best to you and your family.

  2. Hi Yancy,
    I don't know you but I know your (half?) sisters Gina and Marisa. I used to work for thier father, Rodger Sandon, in Seattle, Washington. I am so sad to hear about your brother as I had also met him several times but he was just a kid of about 11-13 or so the last time I saw him. Can you tell me how to get a hold of Marisa or Gina? I heard that Rodger has also passed away but don't know if that is true. The last time I spoke with him via email was a few years ago (maybe 5 now?) and he was very happy in Hawaii and credited the grandkids as saving his life. I was thrilled that he seemed to be content finally but saddened to hear that both he and Aaron have passed away. My email is and I was Rodger's editor, my name is Carole Paulson.