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08 February 2006

patience, reader

just a quick note:
our computer's in the shop (?) right now--not exactly sure what's wrong ("logic board"?), but Apple's been good about fixing it for free, so cheers to them

anyway, I probably won't post much until it's back (next week, I hope)

so here's some quick comments (I'm on the Dell in my office, which is no fun; hence my haste)
1) Deron got a job in DC (National Journal) and is leaving this week: good luck & all that!

2) our team's not ranked despite playing well & beating ranked Oklahoma, alas

3) burning down buildings because of cartoons seems a bit silly if you ask me: you have to be able to take a joke, right?

4) and fuck Alberto Gonzales

well, that last one sounds a bit negative; how about I end with a promise that as soon as the iBook's back, you'll have the chance to view not only my completed scarf, but also the progress Emily's made on the sweater she's knitting


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