in a perfect world of yancies: good luck (sp?) Deron

09 February 2006

good luck (sp?) Deron

can you believe it? the computer's already back & working fine--I called Sunday, and all's well by Thursday (& for free too!) (kudos to Apple)

here are some pics from Deron's farewell party (most (the good ones) courtesy of Haley Harrison (herself, alas, unpictured))

Mimi, Deron, Tom, and Jesse

Yancy, Dusan, and Ryan

Dusan and Ryan . . . mmm

Deron and Seth

Deron and Tom

Nathan, playing at Brando

it's probably unfair of me to post this, but here's Deron toward the end of the evening

Deron and company

Scott showed off his tattoo for us, thank heavens

who could have altered this note to the man of the hour?

Dusan, um, knows how to party

ah Jesse

what can I say--with all of Haley's help, this is the best I can do for the camera . . .


  1. Those pictures are fabulous! Thank you Haley (^-^) I especially like that last one...

  2. Best of luck, Deron! What a send off ...

  3. here are the teo link I was talking about...

    and have you seen this 9-11 video? it's pretty long, but at 52 minutes the flashpoints are really shocking.