in a perfect world of yancies: knit-tastic; hail to old KU

18 February 2006

knit-tastic; hail to old KU

We're both working on our knitting lately, and have both completed our scarves, which is a good thing, considering we had to walk about a mile and a half to get to the KU vs MU game today . . . final score? KU 79, Mizzou 46--yeah, that's right

We went a little early, to enjoy the new KU sports hall of fame. It was pretty cool--tons of memorabilia, trophies, Wilt Chamberlain's letter jacket . . . unfortunately, a couple thousand other people also went early to take a look before tipoff . . . kind of crowded, though we did get one pretty good picture:

Emily (w/new scarf), next to the original floor of Allen Fieldhouse

in the house today: Kirk Hinrich and behind him (not looking across the Fieldhouse at my camera, alas) Wayne Simien

The game was a blowout, but pretty entertaining. I managed to get one decent bit of video (in my opinion, at least): C J Giles setting up a dunk for Christian Moody.

For highlights of a little more quality, along with other coverage, see the story at

good thing I made myself a scarf--high of 14ºF today
(that's about -8ºC, Merrica)

Mimi in her scarf, on the way home from the game

Back home, Mimi's working on the back panel of her (upcoming) new sweater

the back (soon to be) of the sweater

and in case you couldn't see how deliciously pink the scarf I knit is, here's another shot; and please enjoy the ribbing . . .


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  2. KIRK HINRICH!!! OMIBUDDHA!!! I am so jealous!!! I'm glad KU won, I wish I could have been there (to see Kirk Hinrich!!!)

  3. ps. do you think I used too many exclamation points?!!! (^-^)

  4. That is one pizazzy scarf, young man! (And the shirt always makes me chuckle.) I absolutely cannot wait to see Emily's finished sweater; do you think it will be ready by April?