in a perfect world of yancies: well said

16 January 2006

well said

Today being what it is, I offer this link to a video of most of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech
I know, you may have heard or read it before, but it's really pretty impressive, well worth another listen

there's also audio versions available at the site that the video's from, for audio, video, and text of the speech, click here


  1. Drat! Something's wrong with our speakers again: no volume at all on the video. And the link says "this page cannot be displayed." I think I need to call the Geek Squad ...

  2. well, I replaced the picture, so that should work now; don't know about the video, but the whole speech is better than a clip, so I'd recommend just listening to the audio feed on my blog (press play, above)