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25 January 2006

spy on who?

if anyone's interested, my view on domestic spying is as follows:
no! bad!

the music player on the blog will now, if you're interested, play you a funny spying song by the band Deerhoof; and below is a link to the Times' recent editorial on this issue:

though they keep defending the program--the president even came all the way to Kansas to do so--I'll stick with no! bad!
(a related story, about a K-State student's Brokeback Mountain question is also enjoyable--click here)

on the spying subject, there's also a mildly amusing interview w/Alberto Gonzalez on npr worth a listen: click here

as I said (is this a phrase I am borrowing from Haley? no matter) no! bad!

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  1. When I first read that Bush was in Kansas I was hoping he would hit your school... too badでしょう. I did like his "Brokeback" response though, hehehe.