in a perfect world of yancies: TSU SHI MA MI RE!

27 October 2005


well, I meant for this to be a longer post about this incredibly awesome band, but instead I'll just briefly say (so that I can put it online & get back to what I should be working on) that we saw this band, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re, the other night & they were just amazing--I spent their whole set just smiling and saying things like 'fuck! this is so good!'
I don't know how exacly to describe it--pop? metal? ska? who knows what it was, but those three Japanese girls sure can rock
& when you lead into an incredibly nutty rock song involving much head-banging by saying 'this is dancing song,' then you've got me . . .

we went to see the suicide girls live show (sorry, no link for that, I'm just not sure I can promote them (the show was a bit disappointing--of course, anything would be after seeing Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re)), and were at first disappointed to hear there were opening bands (it was Monday, after all), but this band took us completely by surprise, and completely stole the show

after their set, I called Merrica so I could have a couple of Japanese words to say to them--the drummer seemed impressed, & then responded with like 3 sentences in Japanese . . . but, anyway, I bought a t-shirt, so it all worked out

anyway, the album's not out in the US until next week, but I highly recommend it; and if you ever hear of them coming anywhere near you, you really need to go see them

their site has some sample mp3's, and some photos (I have none, since the suicide girls show had a no-photos policy)--just click on their name, Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re

okay, here's a link to (most of) a song they played the other night, called Ebihara Shinji

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  1. That's so cool that you were able to reach Merrica by phone; I would love to know what the drummer answered you! Their sound certainly is catchy, except I think I managed to scare the cats and maybe even Dorothy when the song started playing. It certainly does grab your attention, doesn't it?!