in a perfect world of yancies: no more bottles; parties and propositions; a building in Bloomington

12 October 2005

no more bottles; parties and propositions; a building in Bloomington

the much-awaited arrival of the Sunflower Curbside Recycling truck!
finally a way to recycle our many bottles, cans, newspapers, and magazines (plus a surprisingly large number of egg cartons . . .)--and no more driving to the walmart recycling center (& no more waiting for that to re-open--already a month behind schedule . . .)
for as little as $8 per month (!), the truck will come every other week & take away both our recyclables and our consumer guilt . . .
that name again, for anyone in Lawrence feeling guilty and/or in love with the earth, is Sunflower Curbside Recycling . . . (hope you enjoy the link color . . . oh HTML . . .)

I guess part of my point is that it's been a relatively slow week . . . Emily, aka Mimi, returned from her conference having had a good time & learned a few things, but without many pictures . . .

in Bloomington

a close-up

meanwhile, I've been evaluating my TA's discussion classes, which is quite an interesting experience, having been a TA just last year . . . for the most part they're doing pretty well--one of 'em's even doing the lecture on next Wednesday--hey, even I need a break once in a while! (& it'll be a good experience for them); this week, I confess, I've just been trying to get through the classes (I am also struggling with a bit of a cold), waiting until now: the beginning of Fall Break! (more on that in a bit)

we did find time to attend an interesting party at our friend Jacque's place (yes, Jacque w/no 's')--it was a nicely catered & well-attended event, but the invite was pretty amusing; here's a bit of it:
"You can bring up to 3 people as long as none of them are from the Department of Philosophy's
Grad. Student, Faculty, Staff...." huh.

well, here's a shot of me w/Jacque:

much of my night ended up spent in a very interesting discussion with Nathan Cox, a Phil grad student (& the TA giving Wednesday's lecture in my large intro class), about the possibility of non-propositional knowledge, i.e., the possibility of a sort of knowledge not expressible in a sentence (my example was knowledge of how to juggle, or ride a bike--I'll leave it to my readers' intuitions, I guess, whether those should count or not) . . . now Nathan thinks anything that's knowledge should have to be propositional, whereas I'm not so sure . . . why no picture of Nathan? guess I was too caught up in the debate . . .in any case, that kept at least the 2 of us entertained for a good while

finally, now that it's fall break, I'm heading out tomorrow morning for New York, where I'll give a paper on Plato; hear perhaps as many as ten or so other papers on Ancient, Medieval, or Islamic philosophy; and hang out in Manhattan w/Jeremy Hartley, whom I haven't seen for a number of years . . . should be awesome; unfortunately, I can't bring Emily along, but I will bring the camera, so please feel free to look forward to some fun photos from nyc


  1. Glad to hear Emily's back and that she had a good trip (^-^)

    I just wanted to be the first to say... please send me a postcard from New York! Oh, and please say hello to Jeremy for me.

  2. Have a safe trip and grand time!