in a perfect world of yancies: happy birthday KJ

22 October 2005

happy birthday KJ

so the greatest radio station ever, KJHK, is 30 this week, which has led to some good fun around town--on Wednesday we heard Chuck D deliver a lecture (or 'vibe session,' if you prefer), which was pretty cool
and then, on Friday they had a free show at the Bottleneck, featuring a few local artists.
I put up a couple of photos below; there's no shot of Reach, an mc from KC, but he's also pretty cool; feel free to check out this track, The Arrival

Superargo performing for the KJHK 30th birthday party, with Skull-Face helping out with some dancing
for a good Superargo track, just click on the track name, Straight Out the Cubicle

The Harvey Girls
to check out my favorite of the Harvey Girls' songs, click on the track name, Good Morning

In any event, KJHK plays some excellent music, and has terrific variety--I promise that a look at their Now Playing page will almost always point you to a variety of interesting stuff that you and I have never heard before; there's also a link on their page to listen, so anyone regretting their lack of fun songs is advised to take a look . . .

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