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20 June 2014

I'm a Keeper

Been a while I know, but the good news is, I'm done with the 2013-14 school year! Woo!

Crazy finish, including Emily spending a week in Montreal while Franklin and I held up the fort at home. Luckily we had video calls to stay in touch:
Some Perspective
And luckily we had Pete to help me pick Franklin up in time after school, get us dinner, and take that great photo :)

Meanwhile Emily spent some time with the foundress of the Sisters of Providence:
Mere Emilie

Chez Émilie!

And not to worry, I found a fleuriste there who spoke English so was able to get some anniversary flowers delivered:
Self-serving to post this, perhaps, but I was pretty proud of myself...

Much as we missed Emily, Franklin and I continued to make the most of our week, no small thanks to the Seattle Fish Company:
Grilled Salmon
They even gave Franklin a free t-shirt when we left! (Sized for a 6-year-old, but hey, he'll grow into it...)

You may have seen this video already, but I love how rather than show off his surprisingly solid batting skills Franklin instead took time to reprimand me for looking at my phone while we were playing:

Speaking of sports (sorry, is this too much to pack in? like I said, it's been a busy couple of weeks), hope you're enjoying the fun of the World Cup. Franklin's definitely getting into it, and he's decided that his daily ten minutes of screen time (give or take) will be spent viewing soccer highlights.

By far his favorite is this, by the Netherlands' Robin Van Persie:

I really liked Tim Cahill's kick:

Maybe my favorite entire game, though, was the amazing Brazil vs. Mexico:

0-0 draw, but probably the most exciting soccer I've seen in years. And how about that keeper?!

Keeper, by the way, is the position Franklin was most excited to play today. Wish I had video of his slow motion diving saves. Not sure if he was in slow-mo because of the replay highlights or to save his knees, but it was awesome either way. And the clear highlight of the day was when he turned to me on our walk home after lunch and said "I'm a keeper"... So true.

Anyway, we spent our day on an old-school Friday with Franklin: took the bus over to Capitol Hill, played soccer at Miller Playfield, had lunch with Pete at Coastal Kitchen. Super fun. And Franklin was even a good sport about taking two buses home on the way to nap time:
C Line

C Line
All right, well as I said, it's nap time now, so I think I'd better lie down. More soon, reader!

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  1. You folks certainly do lead full lives. Carry on!
    Love, Grandma Christine