in a perfect world of yancies: Let Summer Commence!

20 June 2013

Let Summer Commence!

Wait, it's Thursday and I'm just now telling you about the weekend? Guess grading really has kept me busy! Nevertheless:

I had a nice time at the Seattle U. undergraduate commencement on Sunday. Erik Larson gave a pretty charming speech—I may need to take a look at that Devil in the White City book after all!

Anyway, I was looking for photos of the ceremony on the University photo database, and couldn't find anything yet... but I did happen across this cool photo of me watching student presentations in my Intro. to Phil. class:
Class in the Quad
Our room was really not designed for the unseasonably warm weather we had this spring, so we spent probably a third of the quarter outside. I'd totally forgotten that we ran into that school photographer; great shot!

Emily also got a couple of great photos over the weekend. Upon their return from the spraypark:
Love those trunks, and the rash guard!

And at Smith for Fathers Day:
Fathers Day at Smith

Not sure if you already saw this, but the folks at Franklin's daycare helped him make a pretty cute card for me:
Thanks Franklin!

And Emily helped him pick out a very thoughtful gift: my own fitbit! I've been envious of Emily's for a while, especially now that she's doing things like comparing stats with her dad.
(Just for the record, Fran and Dave have been on a hiking trip, so he won't normally be that far ahead of me. (Right?))

Feel free to track my progress:

Finally, I love that Lewis is back on the air! Great finish to last weekend. This weekend too, I imagine :)

Watch Inspector Lewis: Series 6 Preview on PBS. See more from Masterpiece.

The only downside is that this very charming story in the Times makes it sound like this season may be the last. Though I suppose if someone gives us 26 years of good TV we should really just be grateful...

All right reader, I'd better go for a run so I can get my steps for the day!


  1. Great photos. really like the one with you and the class outdoors.

  2. Me too! Guess it pays to have a professional photographer around every once in a while!