in a perfect world of yancies: Straight To The Top

18 March 2013

Straight To The Top

Ironic Onesie?
Ever write a phrase down and then end up getting a song stuck in your head like all day? That's where I'm at right now. Damn Tom Waits and his catchy rhumba beat!

Anyway, seems like it's the perfect accompaniment for Franklin's favorite playground activity:
Straight to the Top
Kid's fast too!

But don't worry, he can also sit patiently, more or less, as Emily observed at daycare last week:
Snack Time!
Just about snack time!

Meanwhile, amid the din and clamor of finals week, I'm staying comfy and relaxed thanks to some help from Franklin's Grandma Christine and from the awesome folks at Ten Thousand Waves:
Yay for Birthdays!

Doesn't hurt that the weather keeps making steady progress on spring. Forgot how cool things look when it's bright enough for a tree to cast a shadow:
Tree Shadow
(Thanks to Emily for spotting that moment.)

Almost swimsuit weather, I suppose. Fortunately, Franklin's warming up to swim lessons a little:
Swimming Lessons

Though he still gave the instructor a classic "skeptical Franklin" face:
Skeptical Franklin in the Pool
Closeup here.

But all in all he did pretty well. Looking forward to next week's lesson!
Kick Board


  1. swimming...ah the memories of taking all of you to the Broadwater.

  2. And wasn't there a Y near us too?

    Good times all around. Hopefully Franklin will eventually take to it & be able to enjoy it like I did!