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19 January 2013

Art for Art's Sake

Franklin's daycare was open late on Friday for a "parents night out," which is a pretty cool idea. Turns out that us getting a car to take advantage of that was not the greatest idea... But on the upside, I was finally able to get an up-close look at some of the young man's art that they've got hanging up there:
Franklin's Art

And how great is it that he's got an outlet for this that doesn't involve me cleaning up any chalk or marker? :)
Franklin's Chalk Art

Meanwhile, we've had a weird, cold, dry, and very foggy week. Franklin and I enjoyed seeing St. Joseph church emerge as we approached on our walk yesterday:
St Joseph in the Fog

Glad to see the robins undeterred by the strange weather:
St Joseph in the Fog with Robin

But of all the fog photos I've seen this week, this time-lapse video from the Seattle Times roof is making a strong case for my favorite.

Speaking of other people's pictures, I was pleasantly surprised to see these shots from last weekend's rally & march show up on Flickr:
standupwa (87)

standupwa (88)

All right, reader, we may have heard this tune before, but I'll let our young artist play us off:


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  1. Art, music, cute Baby Jayhawks,
    ethereal landscapes: who could ask for more?!
    Love, Gma C.