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30 October 2012

Friendly Faces

Looking for a break from the harrowing storm stories from the east coast? How about a roundup of recent pictures of Franklin?

Brunch a few days ago with Wendy and Roman:
Brunch with Wendy and Roman

Brunch with Wendy

And coffee with Jen:
Franklin likes Jen's Purse
Well, we had coffee; Franklin seemed more interested in the zipper on Jen's purse :)

Smiles at Victrola

At long last, Franklin tried Thai food:
Thai Food!
I think he may have preferred Emily's Pad Se Ew to my extra spicy curry, but we were impressed that he ate a few good bites of each. And he really seemed to enjoy the chopsticks!

Finally, Clementine was in town & stopped by so that Franklin could meet Tessa:
Franklin Meets Tessa

Franklin and Tessa
Thanks everyone for the photos and the fun!

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