in a perfect world of yancies: A Full Recovery

20 October 2012

A Full Recovery

Franklin is just getting over his first cold. Definitely seemed more stressful for us than him :) I mean, he hardly seems to mind at all; take a look:
Hanging Out at the Cafe
Enjoying (though mostly watching) the Cuban sandwich at Scratch Deli. (Thanks for the photo, Pete!)

I mean, can you even tell that just a couple days ago he sounded like this during a nap?

And of course his cold didn't keep him from charming more of the residents at St. Joseph Residence. Here he is with another classmate, Amelia:
Amelia and Franklin on a Visit

Thankfully he's also still pretty talkative at home too; didn't even sound congested this morning:

All right reader, talk to you soon. Meanwhile we're working on cooking dinner at home five out of the last seven nights! Maybe I'll mention a few new favorite recipes next time...

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